Block Puzzle game strategy

Block Puzzle game strategy

Published May 20, 2021
Tumb Games

Block Puzzle Introduction

A simple table and some blocks. Your task is to put those blocks into the table. Then making lines to breaking them. Breaking more lines in one turn will help you get more scores. But, you know, sometimes, it is easy to game over. So we will figure out how to get a high score but still keep a long life.

Tips to get a higher score

  1. Try to start from the middle.
  1. Always try to save spaces for big blocks (3x3, 1x5, etc.)
  1. Clean lines when you can (Do not try to keep them. Because, next turn, you may don't have enough spaces for big blocks)
  1. If you can't clear a line/lines you should keep them close. (Try to not make a small empty piece in the put area)
You can try those strategies in this game: Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem
Hope this helps!