Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem
Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem

Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem

Published December 24, 2020
Tumb Games
Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem
An extremely fun jigsaw puzzle.
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Block Puzzle Jewel Classic Gem is an extremely fun jigsaw puzzle.
You will play with a magician, the magician will bring her tricks to make the game more challenging. Wise choices are the key to getting a high score.
Why should you play the Puzzle Toy?🤔
You should play the game if you:
  • Want to train your brain.🧠
  • Finding classic block puzzle games.🧱
  • Find a game to play in your free time.🎮
  • Relaxing and challenging.☘️
  • Clean & colorful.✨
★Completely FREE 💯 and FUN.
★No time limit. You can play this brick block puzzle continuously for hours.
★No wifi is needed. You can play the game without the internet.
★Casual block puzzle game.
👉How to play?
✔️Drag the given blocks and drop them into the board.
✔️Destroy the blocks by making full horizontal or vertical lines.
✔️Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
Don't forget to share your results with your friends, challenge them, and see who gets higher scores!
🐢Official account🐢
Try it now to test your ability and challenge your brainpower!
Download: Google Play