Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue
Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue

Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue

Published June 1, 2024
Tumb Games
Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue
Help the farmer rescue the puppies and assist them in getting home
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In Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue players embark on an adorable adventure alongside a farmer and playful puppies. The game world is filled with colorful bubbles, each containing a hidden treasure: puppy friend! Our furry protagonist's mission? To rescue as many puppy friend as possible while navigating through challenging levels.
But there's a twist! The puppy's friends—other cute animals—are trapped inside some of the bubbles. To rescue them, players must strategically aim and shoot bubbles to match colors and pop them. As the bubbles burst, the trapped friends are freed, adding to the puppy's loyal crew.
Gameplay Mechanics:
  1. Bubble Shooting: The puppy launches bubbles from a cannon at the top of the screen. Aim carefully to create clusters of three or more bubbles of the same color. When they match, they burst!
  1. Rescue Missions: Each level has a specific number of trapped animal friends. Players must free them by popping the bubbles around them. The more friends rescued, the higher the score!
  1. Power-Ups: Special bubbles with unique abilities appear occasionally. For example:
  • Rainbow Bubble: Acts as any color, helping players clear tricky spots.
  • Bomb Bubble: Clears nearby bubbles in a small radius.
  • Star Bubble: Clears an entire row or column when popped.
Visuals and Sound:
  • The game features vibrant backgrounds—lush forests, sunny meadows, and even underwater scenes.
  • The puppy's joyful barks accompany successful bubble pops.
  • Whimsical animations bring the characters to life—the puppy wags its tail, and the rescued friends cheer.
  • Limited shots: Players must think strategically to avoid running out of bubbles.
  • Obstacles: Some bubbles are encased in ice or surrounded by thorns, requiring precise shots.
  • Time pressure: Rescue missions have a countdown—save the friends before time runs out!
Why Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue Is Irresistible:
  • Heartwarming theme: Who can resist helping an adorable puppy and its friends?
  • Addictive gameplay: The combination of bubble shooting, rescues, and power-ups keeps players engaged.
  • Achievements and leaderboards: Compete with friends for the highest scores and unlock cute puppy outfits!
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): How do I play Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue?
  • Use the bubble cannon at the top of the screen to shoot bubbles and create groups of matching colors. When they match, they burst!
  • Objective: Use your ball to break other Bubbles, rescue the dogs from the oppression of bubbles
Are there any special types of bubbles?
  • Yes! Rainbow bubbles can replace any color.
  • Bomb bubbles can explode nearby bubbles.
  • Star bubbles can clear an entire row or column when popped.
  • And More...
How do I rescue the friends?
  • Bubbles contain trapped friends. Pop the bubbles around them to rescue them.
  • Don't let time run out too quickly!
Which devices can I play this game on?
  • Bubble Shooter: Puppy Rescue is available on mobile phones, tablets and all android devices.
Is there a way to compete with friends?
  • Absolutely! Achieve high scores and unlock adorable outfits for the puppy.
Upcoming Features & Known Issues
  • Realtime Rank
Hope you enjoy the game! 🐶🎮
Download: Google Play
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