Draw Line 3D Master: Survival
Draw Line 3D Master: Survival

Draw Line 3D Master: Survival

Draw Line 3D Master: Survival
Draw a line to the destination and fight all enemies. Survival is in your hands.
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Draw Line 3D Master: Survival is a completely new game in draw line puzzles. Based on draw line puzzles, the game combined with survival games will bring more challenges to make you feel more excited. It is a land where you can show your creativity, drawing, and logic skills.
Let’s use your talent, draw a line to keep the characters safe from the enemies, and defeat all of them. Don’t miss this good chance, it’s really good for the brain test. The characters, enemies, and targets that characters must step on are settled. Think carefully, draw intelligently before you make the line, fight enemies, and win the level. Let’s show your infinite IQ, pass all puzzles and save all the characters!
  • Draw a line from the character’s position to the target. Make sure that created lines protect the characters and kill all the opponents. All two conditions need to be satisfied. Without one, you need to try again.
  • Important rule: Enemies can kill you directly with no weapons when you are nearing but you can’t. Let’s draw the line so that they confront each other to kill them.
  • A level can have more than one solution. Think carefully, aim correctly, and draw with your exact imagination. All level is in your hands.
  • A completely new draw line puzzle.
  • A unique combination of draw-line puzzles & survival games.
  • No wifi needed. Enjoy wherever you are.
  • Super entertaining and relaxing for all ages.
  • The best chance to test your IQ, creativity, and imagination.
  • No time limit. Feel free to make your strategy.
  • No losing. Play until you save all the characters. If not, you can skip that level to try another one.
If you haven’t ever seen this unique combination, don’t miss out on Draw Line 3D Master: Survival. Also, you can play completely free. Download and try now!
Download: Google Play