Tile Connect: Match Puzzle Fun
Tile Connect: Match Puzzle Fun

Tile Connect: Match Puzzle Fun

Published April 27, 2021
Tumb Games
Tile Connect: Match Puzzle Fun
Find all matching pairs. Good for memory training and relaxing in your free time.
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[Intro] Tile Connect: Match Puzzle Fun
Connect Animal - Relax and Fun is a fun and attractive game. You will play with super cute virtual pets such as Cooper dog 🐶 and Sugar Pie sheep 🐑. Your mission is to connect two similar cute animals on the board to earn more coins and use them to take care of pets.
This game adds a twist to the classic pet connect game. You will not be forced to play in the timer mode during play the game, thus reducing stress for the player. But if you want to challenge yourself and your brain, you can play in challenge mode. You will earn more coins after completing the challenge. With coins, you can use them to buy pets and take care of them.
Adorable pets
🐶Cooper dog - Clever.
🐑Sugar Pie sheep - Lovely.
🐢Mack turtle - Funny.
🦊Ariel fox - Smart.
🦛Carla hippo - Music lover.
🐷Adeline pig - Food lover.
🐶Puppy dog - Super cute.
🐘 Daisy elephant - Gentle (NEW)
🐰 Thumper rabbit - Mischievous (NEW)
How to play Connect Animal - Relax and Fun?
✓ Remove 2 animals of the same kind which can be connected within 3 lines.🔗
✓ Remove all animals to pass the level.✨
✓ When there is no pair on the board, all blocks will be shuffled.🔀
✓ Try to earn more coins by playing in challenge mode.⏰
✓ If you got stuck, click on the search button to find help.
How to get a virtual pet?
  • Try to earn more coins.💰
  • Buy an egg (common, rare, epic) from the shop.🥚
  • Wait till the egg hatches into a cute pet.🐣
  • Don't forget to feed your pets by giving them food.🍲
  • Touch your pets to get more coins.💰
  • Taking care of more pets will bring you to the top of the leaderboard.🏆
You should play the game if you:
  • Want to train your brain.🧠
  • Finding puzzle matching games.🧩
  • Find a game to play in your free time.🎮
  • Love cute pets like dogs, sheep, pigs.🐶
  • Want adorable cute pets.🥰
  • 100% relaxing without a time countdown.☘️
★ Classic onet connect animal game. It's free, now and forever!
★ Super cute pet care system.
★ Simple gameplay and easy to play.
★ Suitable for all ages.
★ Get help if you get stuck with useful tools like search and shuffle items.
★ Completely offline. Don't worry about the internet.
★ Adorable pets, vivid graphics, smooth playing.
★ Brain training by increasing the difficulty of each level.
★ Optional time countdown lets players relax and play stress-free.
★ Daily reward system to get more coins.
★ Leaderboard supported.
🐢Official Account🐢
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【Facebook】 https://www.facebook.com/tumbgames/
【Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/thetumbgames/
【Tiktok】 https://www.tiktok.com/@tumbgames/
【Homepage】 https://tumbgames.com/
Download the game and enjoy your time with Connect Animal - Relax and Fun. Let’s crush all the tiles and be the Top Pet Lovers! 🏆
Have a wonderful day! 🐶