Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game
Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game

Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game

Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game
A super fun Water Sort Puzzle. Easy to play, good for brain training & relaxing.
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Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game is a super fun sort puzzle game. Pour to sort same colors into tubes. If you find a puzzle game for relaxing, enjoying your spare time, or you want to challenge your brain, it’s for you! With many features upgraded, our game will be more significantly attractive than the classical one.
The gameplay is so easy. Anyone can start instantly and have chances to master and become a champion of the liquid sort puzzle game. Level ranges from easier than easy to harder than hard help you relax in the first levels, then challenge your logical reasoning in the next ones. The moment when all tubes and colors are sorted is the best!
  • Tap on the tube you want to pour.
  • Tap on the tube you want to pour the color into. Notes: You can only pour into tubes with enough space and the same color. When you get stuck with sort color puzzle, you can restart the level anytime or use help to add empty tubes. With more tubes, you can pass the level more quickly.
  • Easy sort color puzzle; anyone can play
  • Sort by a finger. A finger to complete all levels
  • No time limit, a sort color puzzle best for spare time
  • Good for brain training and logical reasoning test
  • Restart sort color puzzle anytime
  • Enjoy sort color puzzle offline
  • 100% free sort color puzzle game
With only a few tubes and colors at the beginning, the sort color puzzle is so easy to pass. It’s time for relaxing and relieving stress. The game becomes more challenging when the number of tubes and colors rises. That’s time to test your brain!